The Museum


Permanent exhibition of the Museum of Central Otava Basin

This exposition introduces the prehistoric settlement of the district. Visitors can see findings of stone tools from the earlier Palaeolithic and Mesolithic periods, proofs of the Mesolithic and Eneolithic settlement. Findings from the Late Bronze Age (early phase of the Knovíz culture), Early Iron Age (Hallstatt culture) and Late Iron Age (La-Tène culture – the Celts).

Ceramic vessels from the vast burial ground near Přešťovice, model of the fortified settlement of Kněží hora near Katovice or skeletal remains from Radomyšl near Strakonice dating back to the 12th century are also interesting.

In addition, the exposition includes information on gold panning and the entire Otava Basin, very rich in gold, and also a renowned local archaeologist Bedřich Dubský and his research.