The Museum

Noble Family of Rožmberk and Maltese Order

Permanent exhibition of the Museum of Central Otava Basin

The exposition is dedicated to the noble family of Rožmberk and the Hospital of St. John the Baptist of Jerusalem (the Johannites or the Maltese Knights Order). It maps their mutual coexistence, territorial and personal connections with the castle and the entire Strakonice region in 1225-1611. As far as the Rožmberk family is concerned, the exposition introduces in particular Jošt II of Rožmberk (+1467) and Jan III of Rožmberk (+1532), who held the office of Grand Prior of the Hospital of St. John the Baptist of Jerusalem for the Czech countries (General Prior up to the 17th century). Individual families and persons are represented by coats of arms and seals. Most interesting exhibits on display include a naval barrel coming from the Johannite Order's fleet, church bell from the 16th century, period documents and Christ on a Cross, representing the mission of the Johannite Order.

The area of the former castle chapel housing the exposition is also very interesting. On the floor you can see a cross made of burnt bricks with the eight-pointed Maltese cross, approximately five meters long and two meters wide.