The Museum

Large Knight Hall

Permanent exhibition of the Museum of Central Otava Basin

The exposition in this room shows social and cultural life in the town in the second half of the 19th century. The left part is dedicated to František Ladislav Čelakovský, poet, born in Strakonice on 7 March 1799. Another famous person is Jan Vlastislav Plánek, patriot, who was among other things the advisor and the first critic of the first poetry attempts of Čelakovský and also his big friend. The right part shows an old school classroom. Under the paintings there are texts, photographs and historical documents depicting the history of our education system from 1774 to the present. The cabinets house period textbooks, teaching aids for physics showing the power generation and the like.

The following part of the hall introduces traditional crafts in the Strakonice region – especially bakery, pottery and rafting. Strakonice is passed through by the Otava River, which was used for several centuries for driving logs from the Šumava Mountains to Central Bohemia, sometimes as far as Hamburg. Visitors can see the tools the rafters used.

The displayed puppets and sets refer to the local puppeteering tradition and the families of Lagron and Kopecký.

The exposition also includes miscellaneous agricultural implements and an interior of a peasant room.