The Museum

Castle Tower of Rumpál

The Gothic tower was built after 1260 under the reign of Bavor II. It is 35 m high and has 99 stairs. It is remarkable for its edgy shape which protected the tower from damage during bombardment. A similar tower can be seen in the Zvíkov castle (or the Bítov nad Dyjí or Svojanov castles).

The tower was named after the device called “rumpál” (= winch) which was used for pulling water from a well or (as in this case) for lowering prisoners to the lower part of the tower which served as a dungeon (the door at the bottom of the tower leading to the second courtyard were built as late as in the 1930s during extensive renovations).

The tower’s entrance room has an original gothic vault and a gothic window into the second castle courtyard. From there you can continue upstairs to the upper galleries. Originally the tower had two galleries on top of each other; however, only the lower one preserved and nowadays it serves as an observatory for visitors. It was originally made of wood supported by stone beams. Gargoyles in the shape of various monsters serving for rainwater draining remind us of the upper gallery.